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May 4, 2023

Financial peace of mind from MEROS co-ownership options for Sunseeker Yachts

With so many different ways of spending high-profile leisure time these days, the concept of committing a large amount of the family’s time and financial resource in any one direction, is constantly under review.

Presented as an alternative to outright ownership, Meros offers an innovative way of gaining access to the amazing Sunseeker owner/lifestyle experience, through classic Quarter-share direct-ownership, or Flexshare (equity share + bond share) leasing option.

Depending upon each customer’s personal financial preference, Meros allows customers to fix their annual costs and their depreciation costs or losses, giving anyone usually excluded by sometimes overwhelming and spontaneous running costs, the ability to still have access to enjoy this incredible and amazing lifestyle, without the associated financial uncertainties.

The commonality is the Meros standard of service and quality of vessel exemplified at the 2023 Boot Düsseldorf show by way of a magnificent, brand new Sunseeker 95 Yacht, designed in conjunction with Sunseeker specifically for shared ownership use.

Streamlined yet spacious and guaranteed to ‘wow’ visitors, the Meros Signature 95 Yacht is a fine example of the newest design direction that Sunseeker’s larger yacht models will continue to take in 2023 and beyond.

With the finer details and necessary incidentals that make this yacht perfect for shared ownership, Meros customers will not have to compromise, nor be concerned about the design and the final end-result of their yacht, because it’s all been taken care of for them.

Meros key benefits:

Enables owners of 50 to 70ft yachts the ability to ‘trade-up’ to a fully crewed yacht – something they may not have been able to afford to do before now.
Does not require all owners/members to be in place before each can start enjoying his/her investment
Perfect for families that don’t want the financial risk, or older owners who simply don’t want the hassle
Ideal for new owners that do not yet understand the industry, or for owners who do not want to wait for delivery.
Perfect for non-EU owners who want a base in the Med
Membership offers a stepping-stone to potential outright ownership

Meros offers two options, as follows:


25% SHARE (12 WEEKS): 1,000,000 GBP

• Based in southwest Mallorca
• Privately registered
• Fully managed and with full crew
• Optional access to Meros membership programme
• All accessories and water toys included – Yamaha Waverunner Jetski, 2x Seabobs, Sup, Inflatables, Towables, Wakeboarding/Waterskiing and Williams Jet Tender

Higher expectations, better quality, and consistency, shares in The Quarter option mean you directly own the vessel and become a named owner; the yacht is divided into equal parts that in total equate to 48 available weeks (utilising 4 weeks for planned maintenance).

Designed for those who enjoy every element of yachting, you will play an active role in the vessel and MEROS will be there to support you every step of the way as the management company, ensuring the vessel is crewed, maintained and ready for your arrival.

We will also manage owner communication and week distribution/allocation, constructing a calendar that keeps everyone excited and happy for the year ahead.

Annual running costs

Predicted by our experienced team and forecast. Each owner will be responsible for imparting their share equating to their level of ownership.
Running costs currently cover.

• Full Crew (winterized salary)
• Annual Maintenance and services and Predicted Repairs
• Management
• Vessel and Crew Insurances & Accounting
• Home berth in Puerto Portals Mallorca

Owning your own yacht is exciting, you have the thrill of knowing that this is yours. In the yachting world there is either a private or commercial registered vessel and in turn rules apply to each structure. Unlike a yacht in the Flexshare model, a private vessel in The Quarters option cannot charter. This means that your yacht is reserved only for you, your immediate family, and the other co-owners. Unused weeks cannot be capitalised on. Instead, your own slice of heaven. It’s about creating the life you’ve always dreamt of at a Quarter of the cost.
Exclusive USP’s of The Meros Quarter

• High Spec and Fully Equipped – All Meros yachts come turn-key ready with the most up to date water toys onboard to assure maximum enjoyment
• Professional crew are on full time contract as a standard and includes Captain, Stewardess, Deckhand/Water Sports enthusiast and Private Chef.
• Access to MEROS members club + The famous sunseeker family. As Sunseekers only official provider of co-ownership we work directly with their team to provide access to Boatshows and support across Europe and beyond.
• Access to Meros Lifestyle* Annual events we host each year ex. Monaco Grand Prix. Trackside and VIP we give our owners the chance to watch the race from the comfort of a MEROS yacht, catered for and spoilt. Land events also apply ex. White Turf in St Moritz. Fashion week in Berlin etc
• Access to Friends of Meros which brings exclusive benefits with leading brands like NETJETS, Moet + Hennessey, Arabella Golf Resort, Jumeriah + more.

*Additional cost added to your annual running costs


6 WEEKS SHARE: 1,062,000 GBP

• Based in southwest Mallorca
• Commercially registered / Charter income possible
• Fixed annual costs and zero risk
• Access to the MEROS fleet
• Full Management and Fully Crewed
• Non-direct ownership
• Concierge service
• Access to MEROS membership programme and Events
• All accessories and water toys included
– Yamaha Waverunner Jetski, 2 X Seabobs, Audi Efoil, Sup, Inflatables, Towables, Wakeboarding/Waterskiing and Williams Jet Tender

Available for the 2023 season, Flexshare is a modern ownership designed from experience. An amalgamation of the freedom of responsibility, and service expectations, found aboard a charter vessel. Paired with the personalisation and familiarity found in sole ownership.

Fixed Investment

Your share: 1,062,000 GBP = 6 weeks

You are always in control. You have the choice of incurring a fixed and fair depreciation on your investment each year that will be deducted when or if you decide to exit. Alternatively, you can choose to include the depreciation in your annual costs, protecting your investment. This choice directly affects the running costs and is the preferred choice of all existing owners.

We always quote and advertise a secured investment and higher annual costs – this protects your investment and allows you to exit with your investment intact minus a standard 8% handling Fee. Creating the freedom for you to do as you please with your invested money, whether that’s upgrading within the Meros Fleet or investing in your own Sunseeker.

Fixed annual costs

Every year a Flexshare owner will pay a fixed annual fee. Included in the annual fee is more than just the well-known ‘running costs’. This annual fee will cover the depreciation of the vessel and everything else you can imagine, excluding personal allowances (fuel, food and drink).

This means:

• Full Crews (Rotational)
• All Maintenance + Repairs
• Services + Surveys / Management + Commercial Registration
• Legal aid + Contracting
• Vessel and Crew Insurances
• Events
• Chartering support + Accounting.
• Home berth in Puerto Portals Mallorca

Annual costs are fixed and regardless of the situation owners will never pay a penny more.

Meros makes the dream of yacht ownership a reality

Successful businessman and experienced yacht owner, Martin Huber’s vision was to offer ‘a perfect model that blends the beauty of sole ownership with the convenience of charter’
But it’s what encompasses ownership that makes the Meros experience different. Having a captain that can put you at ease, for example. Knowing the islands you are exploring, the best restaurants and beach clubs to be at. Organising activities on and off the land, exploring the Mediterranean’s rich culture.

Meros offers the platform for customers to tell us what they’ve always dreamt about doing and allowing us to make that a reality for them. Any company can offer you a share of a yacht and this is nothing new, but Meros offers you so much more.

Meros enables its clients the time to fully enjoy the fun & experience of stress-free ownership, without the unforeseen pitfalls and downsides of owning and managing a significant yacht moored in a foreign home port.

T:  +44 7423 5622 74
E:  Charlotte for info
W: Meros Yacht Sharing

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