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February 20, 2023

Meeting the souls & spirits behind the Robiza Wine brand & concept

Carmen Romero, with a wide international experience in luxury hotel branding and private aviation in companies like Bvlgari Resort Dubai, embodies its identity in the brand’s values. She wishes to convey through Robiza the mindful lifestyle of Ibiza to promote inspiration and mental health.

Gerard Martínez, an entrepreneur within the spirit industry brings almost over a decade of Ibiza’s background and knows precisely the market trends. He reflects its knowledge through a sophisticated bottle, offering an eco-luxury concept demanded by its customers.

1. Could you explain how the idea of creating Robiza wine was born?

Robiza wine came to life during Spring 2021. Carmen since university where she studied a few subjects related to enology and winemaking, discovered one of her passions. She wanted to create a sensory and luxury product that makes a positive impact on society, transforming alcohol habit disorders into healthy and mindful consumption. Meanwhile, Gerard, founder of Drink Home Ibiza, the most famous and followed delivery company, wished to undertake in creating his brand to incorporate into its portfolio. He always seeks trends and offers the most valuable experience to his high-caliber clients. Robiza was born with lots of passion, care, and extra attention to detail to elevate your celebrations and make you reconnect with your essence and loved ones.

2. You define Robiza wine as a lifestyle brand. Could you elaborate, please?

Robiza has an impressive ethos surrounding wellness in the wine industry. The brand promotes a fun-regenerative living, giving you tips and articles on how to live a more mindful, happy and complete life. Robiza is a lifestyle brand due to seeks to inspire, guide and be part of your transformation on level up your journey. It is a quality wine made at the oldest wine cellar of Jumilla, Spain, and it is blent with innovation and sustainability principles that now consumers value the most.

3. The competition in the wine industry is fierce. How do you make a difference with Robiza Wine?

The wine industry has not reinvented itself. They seem to only care about bottling bottles and the more the better in boring packaging. They do not take into account the emotions of people and how they can innovate the product and provide the most to their consumers. We make a difference by offering wines that are not only of high quality, but are also the healthiest option on the market without the use of chemicals to alter the cycle of the vine, being organic, vegan, without sugar or plastics, and with a practically non-existent histamine to avoid headaches. The design of the bottles and their communication is unique and luxurious, marking the difference with respect to the market. This has a positive and well-being background towards its consumers, which gives them status and an unforgettable experience.

4. Are there upcoming trends we need to keep an eye on when consuming wine?

Indeed, Robiza wine is expanding organically throughout luxury leasure points. Having a strong presence mainly in Ibiza, Formentera and the rest of Balearic islands, now is getting popular in Marbella, Barcelona, the Pyrenees and more. You can keep an eye here and our Instagram guides to be up to date and choose a Robiza friend-establishment!

5. As a household name ROBIZA WINE, what is going to be your next milestone?

Robiza wine brings exciting news into the new world! We have tokenized the company creating our own exchange coin with lots of benefits and big potential profit to the early buyers. Robiza wine token is now in the Private sale phase, where buyers get the token at the lowest price possible and become part immediately to an exclusive Private club designed to improve your lifestyle. Check full details here

6. Any upcoming events to promote Robiza wine we should be aware of?

Yes, we have been part of many luxury and fantastic events in Spain and Switzerland. The official wines of: open-houses with VIP clients in Marbella, in Porsche Basel Switzerland, promoting NFT and innovative art events in Ibiza, Gourmet fairs and cocktails in luxury hotels, wine tastings in private clubs in Madrid and Barcelona… among others. The upcoming event takes place in Ibiza at the luxury boutique hotel Safragell lead by Art Club havana x Herbal social, centered around wellness concepts, luxury culinary experiences and sustainable solutions in Web3 for tomorrow’s change. Also, we organize our official Token event in October where the wines will be served and we welcome the investors to the community.

7. What is your definition of luxury?

Luxury is quality of life. It is wellness, freedom, nature and quality wine. It is to enjoy good food and drink with your partner, friends and family. It is traveling, enriching yourself with cultures and living comfortably surrounded by beauty and luxury experiences.


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