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January 29, 2023

Discover the exclusive Golden Mile of Marbella

The Golden Mile, the most luxurious and privileged residential area in Marbella, surrounded by beautiful lush greenery stretches along the 5km splendid maritime promenade from the entrance of Puerto Banus to the Piruli, the emblem of the city of Marbella, covered with copper plates.

This area is home to the most desirable, intimate villas, some with direct access to the beach whose residents are mainly accomplished politicians and successful businessmen who have owned their homes for generations. Around these magnificent mansions, iconic and sought-after resorts such as the Marbella Club Hotel and the Puente Romano resort contribute to the entertainment of the beachside, being the pinnacle of luxury living.

Marbella’s Golden Mile starts at the western edge of Marbella city at Plaza Bocanegra and extends for some five kilometers as far as the Rio Verde, which is just before Puerto Banus. Before the Marbella by-pass was constructed in 1994, the Golden Mile was the main N-340 coast road. It is totally straight in this location giving a clue to its origins as a Roman road and confirmed by the Puente Romano.

Some of Marbella’s early luxury developments were established in this area, such as the Marbella Club Hotel (1954) and Puente Romano district including the world-famous Puente Romano Hotel.

Golden Mile – History & Origin of the Name

In 1954 Prince Alfonso de Hohenlohe decided to build the iconic Marbella Club Hotel which quickly became a prestigious location where affluent people started to stay and enjoy its amenities. As a result, many of them decided to build properties around this exclusive place, gradually turning the area into the Golden Mile. Before the whole development of the area, the Golden Mile was the main N-340 coast road whose origins date back to Roman times and where vestiges are still to be seen in Puente Romano.

Like all unofficial geographic terms, the limits of the Golden Mile are not well defined. Some real estate agents include properties a good distance away. The term “Golden Mile” was actually coined in the early 1980s by Roy Boston, the German singer (he had hits with España Olé and La Parranda in 1973) turned property developer, who died in the late 1980s. Unusually for a foreigner in Spain, a road bears his name – near his development Alhambra del Mar.

Golden Mile – Lifestyle

The Golden Mile is considered as the most privileged area of Marbella and is surrounded by beautiful, lively resorts where sophisticated tourists and locals stop for a few hours to enjoy all the amenities they have to offer. A stunning spot that cannot be missed is the legendary Puente Romano resort, on the beachside, full of fancy stylish restaurants and bars such as Sea Grill, Nobu, Leña, La Plaza and Bibo, where tasting the famous and Michelin-starred cuisine of the chef Dani Garcia is a must.

Golden Mile – Amenities & Celebrity Status

Some of the prominent international designer labels run shops and luxury retail outlets in this neighborhood, making it one of the greatest shopping areas in the city and also possibly the entire coast. Not to mention the fanciest nightclubs and bars, many of which are open from dusk until dawn and seek to offer quality by finding a point of difference. These include the entertaining Mamzel, the swanky Olivia Valere and the exclusive Supper Club within the Puente Romano resort.

The area has also been a magnet for film stars and A-listers, being the epicenter of glamour in the most desirable destination of Europe since the 1950s. Hugh Grant, Eva Longoria, Jason Statham and also Michelle Obama are among the celebrities who have fallen in love with it.

Next up, let’s take a look at the various areas and communities that form part of the Golden Mile.

Area Guide Golden Mile Beachside – Verdin Property

The beachside areas of the Golden Mile are home to some of the most exclusive real estate in Marbella

Rio Verde

This district comprises mainly established villas and includes the site of the Rio Verde Roman villa. There are plenty of bougainvillea climbing over Rio Verde’s high boundary walls and large white villas on the front line. It is bounded by the river of the same name.

El Ancon

El Ancon is the beachside district between Rio Verde and Puente Romano. The area bears the name of the beach and the old watchtower, Torre Ancon, hidden in the woods near Victor beach bar. This is an extremely exclusive district. The seafront promenade also runs the full length of the district.

Puente Romano

The Puente Romano district comprises four residential complexes built between 1967 and 2003, located on the southern side of the Golden Mile and running down to the seafront promenade.

Los Verdiales

Los Verdiales is an established urbanization on the seafront east of Puente Romano. It consists of five blocks of apartments and also several exclusive villas.

Las Torres

Las Torres del Marbella Club is reached via a narrow lane running down to the beach, giving access to 10 exclusive villas.

Marbella Club Hotel

With its imposing arch, Marbella Club was the first hotel to be opened in the (then) tiny fishing hamlet of Marbella, back in 1954, by German Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe-Langenburg, who invested in land in the Marbella area.

Santa Margarita

This was the name given to the farming estate that was originally purchased to create the iconic Marbella Club. The gardens with their pool and Romanesque artifacts have won several awards.

Las Cañas

Urbanizacion Las Cañas Beach is a narrow strip of land running down to the beach and comprising two rows of townhouses with interior gardens and swimming pools.

Marbella Mar

Marbella del Mar is the district at the eastern end of the Golden Mile around the Marbella exhibition centre. It includes the Urbanizacion Casablanca, Alhambra del Mar and also Marina Mariola.


This is the longest established district and is located adjoining and above the A-7 highway and below the Avenida Buchinger. Its full name is Rocio de Nagueles and lies to the east of Arroyo de las Piedras.

Sierra Blanca

Sierra Blanca comprises the main urbanization which has streets named after famous composers and is home to exclusive luxury villas and also a few apartment complexes. Also in the area you find Sierra Blanca del Mar, Reserva de Sierra Blanca and Los Picos de Sierra Blanca, developments of townhouses, apartments and villas.

Cascada de Camojan

Cascada de Camojan or Camojan for short is a large gated community that is one of the most exclusive and expensive in Marbella with properties regularly selling for upwards of 10 million euros.

Marbella Hill Club

Marbella Hill Club includes 50 single-family plots, apartments including the terrace apartment complex of Jardines Colgantes (Hanging Gardens) and townhouses.

So there we are, a comprehensive guide to the Golden Mile of Marbella. As one of the most exclusive areas of Spain, not just Marbella and the Costa Del Sol, and known as Europe’s answer to Beverly Hills, real estate in this area is highly priced due to demand outstripping supply. However, you can check out the selection of properties we have on the Golden Mile by clicking this link!

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