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November 8, 2022

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder!

When we look at something beautiful, science is beginning to understand, those good chemicals are released into our bodies and that being surrounded by beauty, really makes us feel good.  That is why, be it a stunning view in nature, a smile from a child or simply walking into a beautiful space, this actually makes us FEEL good.

The concept of beauty is unique to each of us, as it is based on memories and associations that we have accumulated during our lives.

At Space & Grace, our job is to re-create your living spaces into something that enhances the lives of our clients.  We wish to create what is ambient to you and to help you achieve that.

As a woman constructor, it has been my pleasure to assist my clients in achieving this.

We offer a complete service from concept, re-design, building license, construction and of course the interior finishes and furniture.

Please call me if you are considering re-creating YOUR home.

W: Space & Grace
E: Emma
E: Bella
T: +34 711 71 84 04 / +34 699 05 19 74

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