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January 31, 2022


Perfection, that’s what architect Klaus May aims for with his work. And when you look at one of the 160 projects he has realised with his company Ibizastyle®, this laudable goal is certainly obvious.

Klaus May has been designing and building high-quality houses, villas and hotels for three decades, focusing on the Costa Blanca, Ibiza and Mallorca – regions of Spain that perfectly suit his particular architectural finesse. His signature style is chic, contemporary, with clean lines, bright, open spaces and modern, minimalist forms. It is 21st century Mediterranean chic with a Balearic flair.

In his pursuit of perfection, there are certain architectural principles that Klaus makes a point of applying to his designs. “Architecture should never become decoration,” he emphasises. His creations are all about clean lines, with high, light-filled spaces and clear sight lines running through the building – and out to spectacular sea views.

IBIZASTYLE ® CREATED BY KLAUS MAY on Ibiza, the typical cube shape, which dates back to the Byzantine era, is the basis of many of his building designs. He has transcended this basic form into modernity in his numerous designs. With fascinating dimensions, variations and not infrequently with completely new technology developed by himself. For example, you won’t find rain gutters in his buildings. Almost invisible gaps under windows and on terraces channel rainwater into underground pipes and into a service water collection tank. A technically as well as ecologically and aesthetically brilliant stroke of genius. Or a huge, undivided panoramic window front that can be loudly and effortlessly made to disappear in a double wall he has constructed, thus turning the salon into a terrace. Or a completely new floor-wall composite system that avoids sound transmission more efficiently and without the use of silicone. Details upon details, which contributed to the fact that May’s Ibizastyle ® homes are regarded as the epitome of the synergy of optimal functionality, perfect aesthetics and powerfully light harmony – always in the sense of the respective customers. The immediacy of his designs follows solely the joy of pure functional beauty, in close correspondence with the surrounding magnificent seascape and the emotional needs of his clients.

FULLY TRANSAPRENT “From the first sketch to the supervision of construction, I personally accompany every step of the work,” says Klaus May. He first looks for the most suitable building plot to build the Ibizastyle® house for the client there, turnkey and at a fixed price.

“The builder becomes the owner of the plot immediately, not just when the building is handed over. Before the purchase of the land, all legal and building permit-relevant basics are clarified,” explains the architect.

The concept, sketched plans and final design are then developed and presented in floor plans, views and 3D images.

Once the plans have been approved by the client and the costs incurred have been listed, the Ibizastyle® house is built. The interior is also designed and finished in May’s workshops. “All the materials we use and our trained staff are brought to the islands from the mainland. This is the only way to ensure these high-quality standards,” explains Klaus May. It’s also the best way to ensure that every Ibizastyle® home is a bespoke property built just for the client.

In those circles where luxury is defined as the highest quality in every conceivable way, Klaus May has earned himself a very good reputation. His often very prominent clients are looked after with absolute discretion from the initial research, finding and purchasing the most desirable plot of land, dealing with the local authorities, obtaining the necessary permits, right through to the planning, design, construction and construction supervision.

A:   Las Marinas 139, KM3, 03700 Dénia / Spain
T:  (+34) 96 578 53 32
F:  (+34) 622 254 542
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W: Ibizastyle

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