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December 9, 2021

Luxuria Lifestyle Spain interviews Anselm Van den Auwelant, CEO of Lovian Properties

Lovian Properties is a real estate boutique with a unique and innovative high level concept, and with an exceptional service of incomparable quality. They are specialised in the promotion and sale of luxury housing in Mallorca; with an extensive knowledge of the island and widespread experience in luxury real estate.

Lovian Properties is composed of a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience, both locally and internationally. That is why they offer a complete and effective assistance in the luxury real estate sector of Mallorca.

LL: Can you define your new concept of a real estate boutique?

Lovian Properties is in many ways very different from most of the other agencies. First of all we are a family company which means that the client will always see the same people to deal with. There is a high turnover in this business. Second, we are specialised in the SW of the island and only do sales of luxury properties above 1mil for houses and 500.00 for apartments. No rental, no holiday rent.

Personal approach.

We know all the owners of the properties in the portfolio personally and choose very carefully the properties we want to work with. We will not exceed 100 properties in our portfolio to keep the personalised character. We make time for our clients and are not afraid to spend a whole day with them just driving around the island and explaining the areas.

LL: Tell us more about your partnership with Titan Invest & Properties

We also build luxury villas and do refurbishment and project management.

Here we have a fixed team of architects, our own construction company and engineer. This is the team represented in Titan. It is a joint venture of 4 specialists each experts in their field in real estate.

LL: What is your partner’s Club and its benefits?

These are companies we promote on our website and they give advantages to our clients. Villa Matahari gives us a 10% discount, chef Juan Carlos makes special prices, etc…

LL: What is your definition of Luxury?

My personal interpretation of luxury is time and education.

Having the time to enjoy the things that through education I can even appreciate more. Examples are fine wine, a holiday in a special place, special foods, quality of materials, clothing materials, handmade shoes ,etc. You can only appreciate the finer things in life if you are educated about them and if you have the time to enjoy them.

LL: What makes Mallorca so attractive as a prime destination to live?

Mallorca has all the necessary ingredients : cosmopolitan, safe, good weather, beautiful nature, culture, good food, beautiful beaches, mountains and sea, stable European money and government, no natural disasters, etc. It’s not always easy to find all these in the same place.

LL: The competition in the luxury real estate market is fierce, how do you, as a boutique real estate agency, make a difference?

Our differences are specialisation, service and time. We serve a particular client that we accompany from beginning till end understanding his needs and taking the time for it. We can sometimes take a year or more with the same client before he finds what he wants.

LL: Which areas in Mallorca are in demand? Are there upcoming areas on the rise we need to keep an eye on?

Palma city is always in demand and a rising area there is Santa Catalina. The other hot areas are in the SW. Bendinat, Portals, Santa Ponsa, Andratx and Son Vida. Due to the saturation of the areas and the rising prices, areas like Sol de Mallorca and Cala Vinyes have been increasing rapidly in prices and in demand.

LL: Have you noticed a change in the kind of property that’s highly sought-after on the island?

After the pandemic people want a house with a garden or an apartment with a large terrace or garden. White cubic modern design is very in with big windows, high ceilings and a long swimming pool.

LL: According to you, what are the design trends we need to watch out for in the coming years?

In my opinion climate and sustainability will play a role in future designs which means that we will go to nature inspired design, sustainable materials like wood, and return to vintage interior design. The houses will be designed as a home office combining living and working space due to increases in working from home.

LL: What are the challenges the luxury real estate sector will be facing in the next year(s)

First of all due to the COVID situation we have not been building up enough inventory to meet up with demand. International buyers will continue to view properties virtually so agencies should invest in digital transformation.
Here I want to mention that Lovian Properties in a joint venture with Studio112 (An IT company) has created a new luxury real estate platform called GRANDIOSO that will go live in January 2022.

Due to the rise in prices the rental market will continue to grow. Also balancing maintenance costs on luxury properties will be key. More and more buyers of luxury properties also want a detailed list of all the costs related to the maintenance of the property before taking the decision to buy.

LL: What would your key piece of advice be for buyers interested in purchasing/ investing in luxury real estate in Mallorca?

You do not just buy a house but you buy a lifestyle. Be sure that your house represents the lifestyle you want. Taking the time to understand the island, the different areas and all the island has to offer before making a choice is very important so you do not regret your choice one year later. This is exactly where Lovian Properties makes the difference.

W: Lovian Properties
E: lucy@lovianproperties.com

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