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November 22, 2021

Your dream rooftop is getting closer at Le Blanc

The end of the works of this exclusive residential is getting closer and closer. The construction continues unceasingly in these elegant villas on the Marbella coast so that their owners can enjoy the luxury of Le Blanc as soon as possible. They have also included in their blog a time-lapse where you can see how the construction process of Le Blanc has been until September this year.

Its elegant villas have been conceived as a paradise on earth, and the truth is that each of them has a different energy but all share the glamor that characterizes this residential.

Customizable rooftop terrace

The villas are divided into 4 floors: the basement, the main floor, the second floor, and the terrace with 360º views; but among them, the one that stands out the most is precisely the spectacular rooftop. This rooftop allows you to enjoy the best views of the sea, the mountains and the nature that surrounds Marbella.

Access to the rooftop is via a staircase that connects it to an interior courtyard on the second floor, where the bedrooms are located. Once on the rooftop we find a large space, completely open, and delimited only by a transparent balustrade of extra-clear laminated glass. This rooftop is divided in two as a result of the access staircase, allowing the owners to use it for different events. For example, one part could be used to receive family and friends as a chill out area; and the other part could be reserved for sunbathing by creating a solarium area.

The exclusive Le Blanc villas have been built to the highest quality standards. All the materials and techniques used in their construction have been meticulously selected to satisfy the most demanding owners, providing the homes with three essential values: contemporary design, sophistication and luxury. In addition, several additional enhancement options can be included upon the express request of the homeowner.

In the case of the rooftop terrace, two premium elements can be included: a Jacuzzi, to make the experience even more relaxing; or an outdoor kitchen equipped with kitchen furniture, countertop, sink, appliances and faucets, to dine quietly with your guests enjoying the views of Marbella.

The construction of the Le Blanc villas is progressing by leaps and bounds, so much so that one of them is already functioning as a pilot villa. In this space the owners will be able to see with their own eyes a fully equipped and decorated home. It is necessary to make an appointment for the visit, so you are just one click away from enjoying Marbella all year round.

In addition, Marbella’s luxury real estate market is going against the tide and facing the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, offering benefits to those who want to buy a home in Spain. The benevolence of the climate, the quality of life and the wide range of homes, favor real estate investment from other countries; and if we add to the environment a 4-storey house as spectacular as those of Le Blanc, luxury is assured.

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